Music Radio Trends

Music playlist data reveals long term trends in the evolution of the UK's broadcast radio market.

Music Radio Trends



Client: The BBC

Project: Analysing long term music playlist trends and competitive brand strategies in the UK's broadcast radio market

Project Design: Jason Brownlee, Colourtext

Data sources: RadioMonitor & RAJAR


Colourtext recently developed a Music Radio Trends Dashboard for the BBC that uses RadioMonitor playlist data to produce a strategic picture of how the UK's music radio market has evolved since 2016.

Delivered as an interactive dashboard service, the tool analyses the evolving mix of music genres played by radio stations. One objective of the dashboard is to help programmers understand how the music mix of competitive radio stations is developing, particularly in terms of music genre and the 'era' or decade of song release.

This 'lite' version of the dashboard looks at the songs, artists and genres that characterise individual station playlists and how the market's provision of different music genres is evolving. Use the arrows at the bottom of the dashboard pane to toggle between tabs and try clicking on the different filters and chart elements to explore data within the dashboard.

If you'd like to subscribe to the full Music Radio Trends dashboard please drop us an email and we'll get right back to you.

Mark Uttley
Group Strategy Director, AKQA, San Francisco, US

"Colourtext always take a fresh approach to discovering hidden patterns in data. Whether you want to conduct segmentation or mine your CRM for deep insights, they will help you see your customers , and what they are seeing , in new ways."

Joaquim Bretcha
International Director of Netquest and President of ESOMAR, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

"Colourtext and Netquest have partnered on different occasions to showcase the power of the digital behavioural data extracted from Netquest’s consumer panel. Colourtext has not only the expertise of dealing with big datasets but also has brilliant creativity to make the most sense out of them. Working with Colourtext is a rich, agreeable and easy going experience"

Mark Barber MBE
Planning Director, RadioCentre, London, UK

"More than a decade of success for Radiog auge across the world is a testament to Colourtext’s experience and perseverance. There are many obstacles to creating a global currency for measuring radio advertising effectiveness - Colourtext has managed to tackle all of them."

"It’s rare to find research companies that really understand the unique radio / listener relationship and what makes radio advertising work. With experience of researching the medium on both sides of the fence, Colourtext is one of those rare companies."

Simone Lawrence
Director of Insights, Canadian Broadcast Sales, Toronto, Canada

Colourtext has an agile approach to research that ensures a successful outcome to every challenge CBS gives them. The depth of experience and understanding the Colourtext team brings to each study demonstrates their value in the audio space. We have a very positive nine year working relationship behind us that has created significant value for CBS and our clients. We remain committed to working with Colourtext in the coming years.

Jon Puleston
Vice President of Innovation, Kantar Profiles, London, UK

It's rare to find a partner with the mix of analytical, technological and creative skills offered by Colourtext. Jason and his team seem to roam around freely in data, find the stories that matter and bring a distinctive aesthetic vision to the presentation of information.