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Colourtext is a unique audience research and consumer insights company with deep expertise in market segmentation, advertising effectiveness, data analytics and survey design.

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Colourtext is a unique audience research and consumer insights company. We have deep expertise in market segmentation, advertising effectiveness, data analytics and survey design.

Our international client base is broad and includes famous blue-chip brands from the fields of music, TV, radio, technology, advertising, pharmaceutical, biotech and charities.

We’re based in the UK, but not in London. Our home is England’s beautiful Lake District, near the border with Scotland and beyond the confines of metropolitan thought bubbles. This means we maintain a crucial element of cognitive diversity that we bring to every research brief.

We believe that profound consumer insights have a daring simplicity that invades our thoughts quickly and stays there for longer. Everything else is just data. That's why we build visually appealing dashboards that make it easy to find the stories in data that point to new opportunities for brands that thrive on change.

Colourtext’s role is to help companies translate data and insights into creative marketing campaigns and new product development. We operate as an agile consultancy that specialises in the following services:

  • Market segmentations that deliver high cultural impact
  • Music, audio & video research
  • Advertising effectiveness measurement across TV, Digital, Radio & Print
  • Brand marketing and campaign evaluation
  • Data analytics for 1st party, CRM, market research and online data sets
  • Design and management of global-scale market research projects
  • Deep expertise in the Generation X consumer segment

Relationships with our clients are deeply integrated and we flex our service model to suit your project. We work on an ad-hoc and retainer project basis and also develop subscription-based B2B services.

Whatever your brief or project scale we have a trusted network of partners to call upon that deliver best-in-class capability. This flexibility means we quickly and efficiently scale resources up and down as your needs and timelines require.


Colourtext was founded by Jason Brownlee, who has both a corporate and serial start-up background in the media, entertainment and biotechnology sectors. Jason began his career in the U.K. for Emap (now Bauer Media), where he became Head of Audience Insight and played a key role in the expansion of iconic youth brands like FHM, Heat, Kiss and Kerrang.  During this period he also led the award-winning ROAR Youth Research consortium in partnership with The Guardian, Channel 4 and OMD.

Jason developed the world’s largest music consumer segmentation project for Sony Music, which has run continuously for more than 10 years across 42 countries. He also designed RadioGAUGE for the U.K's Radio Advertising Bureau (now RadioCentre), which has grown to become the global currency for measuring radio advertising effectiveness. 

Jason recently became an early stage investor and launch CMO for Nuchido TIME+, a breakthrough anti-ageing health supplement that boosts NAD+. Nuchido TIME+ is part of a growing trend in the development of new lifestyle brands that target Generation X consumers across the world as they enter their peak earning years.

In the video below Jason is interviewed by Greg Owens for the 'Having a GAS™ podcast', which talks to people in the creative and media industries. Previous interviewees have included stars like Rory Sutherland from Ogilvy, so it was an honour to be asked.

Greg asked Jason to speak candidly about his experience of launching a scientific anti-ageing brand, the future of TV advertising, balancing digital sales activation with brand building and the latest music listening trends on Spotify.



Mark Uttley
Group Strategy Director, AKQA, San Francisco, US

"Colourtext always take a fresh approach to discovering hidden patterns in data. Whether you want to conduct segmentation or mine your CRM for deep insights, they will help you see your customers , and what they are seeing , in new ways."

Joaquim Bretcha
International Director of Netquest and President of ESOMAR, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

"Colourtext and Netquest have partnered on different occasions to showcase the power of the digital behavioural data extracted from Netquest’s consumer panel. Colourtext has not only the expertise of dealing with big datasets but also has brilliant creativity to make the most sense out of them. Working with Colourtext is a rich, agreeable and easy going experience"

Mark Barber MBE
Planning Director, RadioCentre, London, UK

"More than a decade of success for Radiog auge across the world is a testament to Colourtext’s experience and perseverance. There are many obstacles to creating a global currency for measuring radio advertising effectiveness - Colourtext has managed to tackle all of them."

"It’s rare to find research companies that really understand the unique radio / listener relationship and what makes radio advertising work. With experience of researching the medium on both sides of the fence, Colourtext is one of those rare companies."

Simone Lawrence
Director of Insights, Canadian Broadcast Sales, Toronto, Canada

Colourtext has an agile approach to research that ensures a successful outcome to every challenge CBS gives them. The depth of experience and understanding the Colourtext team brings to each study demonstrates their value in the audio space. We have a very positive nine year working relationship behind us that has created significant value for CBS and our clients. We remain committed to working with Colourtext in the coming years.

Jon Puleston
Vice President of Innovation, Kantar Profiles, London, UK

It's rare to find a partner with the mix of analytical, technological and creative skills offered by Colourtext. Jason and his team seem to roam around freely in data, find the stories that matter and bring a distinctive aesthetic vision to the presentation of information.