Market Segmentation

It's a superpower! We use it at Colourtext to create vivid customer personas and market narratives that light a fire in people’s minds.

Segmentation Strategy

Colourtext is a leader in market segmentation strategy and creates customer personas that transform the way famous brands understand their consumers.

We use advanced analytics and consumer insight expertise to build unique data segmentation models that people can intuitively ‘buy’ and empathise with.

Colourtext’s approach blends standard and proprietary clustering algorithms, analysis techniques and survey methodologies. We operate across a wide range of data types including 1 st party, web, social media, market research and natural language.

Our aim is to help you fire up innovation in your NPD and creative marketing activities. We do this by giving your people a shared narrative that speaks to the truth of customer motivation and behaviour.

What is market segmentation?

Many people are looking for practical market segmentation examples to learn from and follow. With this in mind here's an incredible animated explainer video created by Warner Music Group to launch the Fan Map consumer segmentation we built for the company.

It offers a clear, real-world example of what market segmentation is and why a business like WMG needs it.

eShopper segmentation

Passive metering technology allows us to analyse modern digital lifestyles and eShopper trends in granular detail. We collected and analysed every click made by 3,500 U.S. eShoppers on their mobile and desktop devices over a 6 week period. This huge volume of 'clickstream' behavioural data was collected via our GDPR-compliant passive metering technology. 

Segmenting complex networks

Colourtext has developed a range of natural language processing and complex network analysis tools to map and segment online content in any field of interest. The process deploys web crawlers and social media APIs to capture huge volumes of content that are segmented into key topical themes and the influences that shape them.

Segmenting early brand adopters

We developed a segmentation process for Twitter data to discover the early adopters of a new health & well-being product and use this to build out a look-a-like audience. 

What is FECI segmentation?

Sony Music made a great video to explain the FECI segmentation concept we first developed for the company back in 2008. FECI segmentation now operates in 42 markets and underpins what is probably the biggest music consumer segmentation in the world.

Thinking about segmentation?

Market segmentation works best when it responds to a clear marketing or commercial objective. If you'd like to discuss a project idea with us we'll begin by asking two simple question:

  1. Who are the end-users that need to embrace and act upon your segmentation?
  2. What is the journey you want your end-users to make in terms of changed attitudes, perceptions and capabilities?
  3. What data sources are avaiable for segmentation?
Our work

We've developed exciting market segmentations, often in collaboration with talented brand strategists, for some of the world's most influential brands. Click on the images below to lear more about some of our projects.

Amnesty International

Colourtext partnered with charity marketing specialist Eden Stanley to develop a segmentation for Amnesty International. We blended CRM and market research data into a unique segmentation of UK charity givers. The vivid personas that we developed underpinned a new marketing strategy for Amnesty that delivered 300,000 new direct-debit donators in its first year.

American Idol

Colourtext partnered with brand change experts Innovation Pipeline to develop an audience segmentation of U.S. reality TV viewers. Our client was Fremantle, the makers of American Idol and the world’s biggest reality TV entertainment show.


Colourtext publishes white papers and undertakes extensive R&D in segmentation methodology. We wrote an article about segmentation best practice for ADMAP with our friends Jon Puleston and Alex Wheatley at Kantar Profiles, the world’s biggest online consumer panel company.

Mark Uttley
Group Strategy Director, AKQA, San Francisco, US

"Colourtext always take a fresh approach to discovering hidden patterns in data. Whether you want to conduct segmentation or mine your CRM for deep insights, they will help you see your customers , and what they are seeing , in new ways."

Joaquim Bretcha
International Director of Netquest and President of ESOMAR, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

"Colourtext and Netquest have partnered on different occasions to showcase the power of the digital behavioural data extracted from Netquest’s consumer panel. Colourtext has not only the expertise of dealing with big datasets but also has brilliant creativity to make the most sense out of them. Working with Colourtext is a rich, agreeable and easy going experience"

Mark Barber MBE
Planning Director, RadioCentre, London, UK

"More than a decade of success for Radiog auge across the world is a testament to Colourtext’s experience and perseverance. There are many obstacles to creating a global currency for measuring radio advertising effectiveness - Colourtext has managed to tackle all of them."

"It’s rare to find research companies that really understand the unique radio / listener relationship and what makes radio advertising work. With experience of researching the medium on both sides of the fence, Colourtext is one of those rare companies."

Simone Lawrence
Director of Insights, Canadian Broadcast Sales, Toronto, Canada

Colourtext has an agile approach to research that ensures a successful outcome to every challenge CBS gives them. The depth of experience and understanding the Colourtext team brings to each study demonstrates their value in the audio space. We have a very positive nine year working relationship behind us that has created significant value for CBS and our clients. We remain committed to working with Colourtext in the coming years.

Jon Puleston
Vice President of Innovation, Kantar Profiles, London, UK

It's rare to find a partner with the mix of analytical, technological and creative skills offered by Colourtext. Jason and his team seem to roam around freely in data, find the stories that matter and bring a distinctive aesthetic vision to the presentation of information.